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1st Oct

Let’s talk movies! 

  1. A movie you’ve seen most times in cinema.
  2. Your most rewatched movie.
  3. A movie you quote on a daily basis.
  4. Favorite movie soundtrack.
  5. Top 5 films of your favorite actor and actress.
  6. Top 5 performances of your favorite actor and actress.
  7. A movie storyline you wish you had actually lived.
  8. A movie that reminds you of your mom.
  9. A movie that reminds you of your dad.
  10. Favorite movies from your childhood.
  11. Favorite quote(s).
  12. Top 5 favorite female performances.
  13. Top 5 favorite male performances.
  14. Favorite year for movies.
  15. Your favorite movies from [insert year].
  16. Favorite [insert actor/actress/director] movies?
  17. List all you’ve seen from [insert actor/actress/director].
  18. An underrated actor.
  19. An underrated actress.
  20. An underrated director.
  21. An overrated actor.
  22. An overrated actress.
  23. An overrated director.
  24. A film you wish you had seen on the big screen.
  25. A movie you’ve seen that you think no one else’s here will have heard of?
  26. Favorite movie characters.
  27. A film that was better than the book.
  28. Best remake.
  29. Your first favorite actor.
  30. Your first favorite actress.
  31. Favorite animated film.
  32. Your most anticipated films.
  33. Last movie that disappointed you.
  34. Last movie that surpassed your expectations.
  35. Actor in need of new agent.
  36. Actress in need of new agent.
  37. Share an unpopular film opinion you have.
  38. Favorite Oscar win/speech.
  39. Biggest Oscar snub(s).
  40. Who do you think is overdue for another nomination/win?
  41. How many movies have you seen (rough estimation)?
  42. A movie that made you go ‘wtf was that’.
  43. A film that scarred you.
  44. Most movies watched in a single day.
  45. A film that always makes you cry.
  46. A film that always makes you laugh.
  47. Movies that you think everyone should watch (not necessarily your favorites).
  48. A movie that took you a couple of viewings to appreciate.
  49. A book you want to see adapted to the big screen.
  50. A book you really, really, really don’t want to see made into a film.
  51. Favorite child performance.
  52. Favorite pre-code.
  53. Favorite silent film.
  54. Favorite coming of age film.
  55. Favorite superhero film.
  56. Best cinematography.
  57. Movies you know you should watch, but can’t bring yourself to do it?
  58. Favorite genres.
  59. Least favorite genres.
  60. Biggest movie pet peeve.

So have you felt the vibe yet? We work hard, we play hard. Sometimes we play hard when we should be working hard.




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"the caretaker" color palette


my life is just a collection of poorly made decisions with alternative music playing in the background

doctor who rewatch → 1x13

orphan black meme: {1/7} characters

↳ "there’s only one of me"

Orange is the New Black: a summary


“Have been living in a state of agonised l u s t ever since he suggested he liked me (!!!) by writing THAT THING on my back.”


Have been living in a state of agonised l u s t ever since he suggested he liked me (!!!) by writing THAT THING on my back.

I may have a monitor dilemma of my own.